Integrity Cost Consulting invoice audit saves nonprofit over $40k per year

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Catholic Charities of Onondaga County (CCOC) has six locations in the Syracuse, NY area.  CCOC helps people in need regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity, or nationality. They assist over 19,000 people annually through programs for people of all ages and stages of life.  Given that their mission is to reduce poverty and injustice and the needs of the community have been increasing, every dollar is important to CCOC.  A no-cost expense reduction audit was a welcome service, a “no-brainer”.



To ensure CCOC’s money is being well-spent, obtain refunds (if available), and identify cost reduction opportunities that will benefit CCOC and their community for years.



We received the last 1-3 months of invoices from each of their waste, phone, and internet vendors as well as a one-page Letter of Agency (LOA) for each vendor. We submitted the LOA to each vendor, which authorized Integrity Cost Consulting to talk to the vendor and request supporting documentation that is needed to properly verify all charges. 


We performed an audit of trash, recycling, phone, and internet costs.

In summary, we:


1) Evaluated current phone billing charges against local and national market pricing and trends to ensure CCOC was receiving all available discounts and promotions.

2) Reviewed phone vendors’ Customer Service Records (CSRs), containing the Universal Service Ordering Codes, to find all line item charges that add up to the summary of charges shown on the invoice, since many line items are not itemized on the invoices.

3)  Had a discussion with the Facilities Manager to discuss waste operations at each location, containers being used, concerns, anticipated changes in service levels, physical space constraints, etc.

4)   Reviewed waste service levels and pickup frequencies.

5) Used our proprietary market rate database (maintained daily for over 20 years) to verify client was paying market rates for their level of waste service at each location.

6) Reviewed terms and conditions for all existing waste and telecom contracts.



Phone and internet: 6-16% reduction

Trash and recycling: 44% reduction


1) Reduced or removed unnecessary telecom charges and fees.

2) Reduced internet rates and increased speed.

3) Found client was being charged for over 15 phone lines no longer needed.

4) Optimized waste service levels.

5) Rectified cost imbalance between waste service levels and prices charged.

6) Negotiated new contracts, including better, more favorable waste contract terms and conditions to protect the client for as long as they are in operation.

7) Capped fees on ancillary charges, such as overages and contamination.


The CFO and Facilities Manager were in disbelief regarding the new, lower waste fees they will be paying.


For more information on how an invoice audit could benefit your company for no cost and a small investment of your time, call or email us.


Steve Thompson

President, Integrity Cost Consulting



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