Integrity Cost Consulting offers free expense audits. Proven cost savings: trash, telecom, utilities

Offered By Integrity Cost Consulting

Integrity Cost Consulting has always been in the business of delivering “stimulus packages” to businesses. Given our current economic situation, we are sensitive to the new challenges facing businesses. As a result, we will continue to offer our expert cost recovery services for no charge, but we have temporarily reduced our shared savings percent for the first two months of our partnership with new clients. This means our clients will keep more of the savings for the first two months.

Integrity Cost Consulting is an independent group of experts specializing in waste, telecom, and utility cost verification, reduction and recovery. We find and repair cash flow leaks for cost-conscious small and medium-sized organizations.

Chief executives and business owners partner with us when:

- Saving their organization’s money is important.

- Facing pressure to increase cash flow, but have no money to spend. 

- Experiencing a funding or revenue shortage. 

- They learn more than 90% of organizations are overcharged for waste, telecom, and/or utilities. 

- The money they spend is enough to be concerned. 

- They are committed to risk management and making sure nothing is falling through the cracks. 

- They see value in having their spending verified by a group of experts at no cost. 

We serve a similar function as the CPA firm who verifies the accuracy of your company’s financial statements. We verify your money is well-spent, for no cost to you.

Clients experience significant success and refer us to others because our approach is different from what you normally find…

- We find cash flow improvements in as little as one week. 

- We have helped over 30,000 client locations nationwide. 

- We are vendor-neutral; allowing us to work in our clients’ best interests. 

- Our clients don’t have to buy anything or disrupt operations to realize savings. 

- We work remotely and don’t use the client’s staff. 

- We require little of our clients’ time. 

- We help our clients stop overpaying for as long as they’re in operation. 

- We continue to monitor invoices for as long as we’re working together. 

- We are not a broker or group purchasing organization (GPO). 


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