Participate in the Dairy Con 2020 Virtual Trade Show

Northeast Dairy Media is running a special for the Northeast Dairy Magazine 3rd Quarter Issue PLUS a Virtual Trade Show/Video Message to membership.

This special promotion will help to overcome the separation due to COVID-19 with a full color ad in the Q3 magazine plus a video that will allow you to deliver a short message to the entire Membership of the NED (over 2600 decision makers) in lieu of having an in-person event for our 2020 Convention. We will assist you in the preparation and delivery of a short (2-3 Min) video message where you can deliver a new product announcement, significant marketing launch, or introduce someone/something to the Membership. We intend to use the Northeast Dairy Association digital Buyers Guide and the NED YouTube Channel to both house and deliver these video messages.


Our weekly email newsletter will feature Virtual Trade Show participant companies each week throughout the month of August, with a link to the Virtual Trade Show page in the Buyers Guide. Over the month of August every company will be featured in the newsletter at least once, and each visitor to the Buyers Guide will see all video links to Virtual Exhibitors. An article featuring the Virtual Trade Show in the Q3 magazine will highlight this event. Videos will be house on the NED YouTube channel for future use.


  1. NED Media staff will provide a tool kit and instructions for each Virtual Exhibitor Company to use
  2. Virtual Exhibitor Company will record 3-4 minutes of raw footage to create their custom video message using instructions attached
    1. Tool kit attached that turns an average Smart Phone into an effective video production tool
    2. Includes instructions on how to set up the recording area
    3. Plus Tips and questions to help develop a concise video message

** we can use any 2-3 minute video if already produced, will need to be on our NED YouTube channel


  1. NED Media staff will edit the raw footage into an appropriate length video (no more than 3 min)
    1. Package includes 2 rounds of edits (the initial video review plus final review). Additional editing billed separately.
    2. Video will be placed on the NED YouTube Channel for use during the Virtual Trade Show and any other use by the Virtual Exhibitor Company
  2. NED Media staff will promote the video and encourage Members to watch the Virtual Trade Show through out the month of August
    1. Weekly email newsletters will feature descriptions and links to videos
    1. Social Media will promote the videos on the Buyers Guide
    1. NDFA/NDSA websites will have links to the Virtual Trade Show and NED YouTube Channel
    1. Article in NED Q3 issue describing the Virtual Trade Show and highlighting all participants
    1. Links in all email signatures
    2. Buyers Guide and YouTube Channel will house video for all participants


  1. Video plus a ¼ page full color ad in Q3 Magazine - $1650
  2. Video plus a ½ page full color ad in Q3 Magazine - $2600
  3. Video plus a full page full color ad in Q3 Magazine - $3100
  4. Video only in Virtual Trade Show - $1000
  5. NED Media staff will assist in developing each Virtual Exhibitor Company’s Buyers Guide listing, including adding logos, posting additional articles, photo galleries, other videos, connecting Social Media platforms, posting flyers and spec sheets, and adding other relevant content in preparation for this event and for the rest of 2020. This material will be featured in the weekly email newsletters over this time.


June 7-30 – collect raw footage from Virtual Exhibitor companies

July 1-15 – Initial video completed and sent for first review

July 16-31 – finish edits and post video onto YouTube Channel

August 1-30 – promote Virtual Trade Show on email newsletters and social media

August 13 – NED Virtual Convention featuring all Virtual Exhibitor Companies

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