Tremcar Teams up with Piper Systems to Offer New Technology

Piper Systems recently introduced an automated metering and sampling device. In other areas, including Europe and South America, such equipment is standard in trailers. Piper worked with DFA and Agri-Mark to study its technology, and it was approved for use in the United States in 2019. "This technology is coming to the US, and it will be transformative" said Scott Werme of AgriMark in a press release.

And its benefits are numerous. According to the press release, “US Dairy companies are embracing this technology as a way of increasing efficiency. They now benefit from real time accurate data. We have observed great benefits for haulers, dairy cooperatives and processors. Haulers work in safer conditions, save approximately two hours daily, have a representative sample for each milk load, fewer human errors, and higher quality of life.”

Piper and Tremcar have joined forces to offer “future-proofed” trailers, featuring a cabinet where haulers are able to install Piper’s new system. According to the press release, “These future-proofed Piper capable cabinets give haulers the option of accessing this new technology at some point in the future lifetime of the trailer, as the U.S. market moves towards efficiency, automation and electronic data. It allows customers this choice for a small additional cost on the purchase of the trailer, and without the need for heavy retrofit costs into the future.”

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