What do you say? Would you be willing to try some of these new dairy trends?

Cheese Tea: This interesting beverage combines cold tea with a layer of foam made
from milk and cream cheese. Add a sprinkle of salt, and you have a drink that is popular throughout Asia for its sweet taste with a savory finish. Originating in Taiwan nearly a decade ago, cheese tea soon became popular in China, where cream cheese was introduced in place
of powdered cheese. It has since continued to grow in popularity across Asia. While it has been slow to be accepted by American palates, it is becoming more readily available in cheese tea shops that are popping up in the U.S.

Beer Ice Cream: No doubt an offshoot of the popularity of craft beer, this alcoholic
beverage is now served in scoop form. Some recipes cause the alcohol to evaporate, but others do not. The taste depends on the type of beer used. For example, stout beer lends
itself to a flavor much like caramel. If you still want to drink your beer rather than eat it, beer
ice cream floats are appearing on menus as another unique twist, Flavored Butter: It’s no longer just for the bread basket. Flavored butters are popular in all kinds of cooking for some added flavor and zing! Some varieties of flavors include red wine, cilantro lime, red pepper, mustard, orange jalapeno and even pineapple. The move towards more than your basic butter is closely tied to trends in artisanal cooking, dining and popular farm-to-table ingredients. More exotic flavors like bone marrow butter or wasabi-yuzu-kosho butter are popular, particularly with adventurous foodies, but more comforting flavors like honey and maple are popular choices right now, as well.

Sheep Whey Vodka or Gin: Hartshorn Distillery is a new Tasmanian micro distillery
making boutique batches of vodka and gin from sheep whey. They are the first in the world to create this product. The family who owns Hartshorn Distillery also owns Grandvewe Cheeses and was looking for a way to use the whey that was often thrown out in the cheesemaking process. Whey protein is full of complex sugars, which goes through a complex process that results in a vodka with “a sweet bouquet and extremely smooth finish thanks to the dairy influence and traditional aging methods.” (

Mustard Ice Cream: French’s recently partnered with Coolhaus, a California-based ice
cream company, to release a mustard flavored ice cream, in honor of National Mustard Day,
celebrated on Aug. 3. This specialty flavor was served to adventurous customers in Los Angeles and New York City.

Hot Dog Ice Cream Sandwiches: Not to be out done by the mustard industry, Oscar
Mayer introduced an Ice Dog Sandwich in honor of National Ice Cream Day on Aug. 2. A layer
of hot dog-infused sweet cream mixed with candied hot dog pieces and a layer of spicy
mustard-flavored gelato is sandwiches between two cookie buns. Oscar Mayer partnered with
il laboratorio del gelato of New York City to create this “masterpiece,” and the Oscar Mayer
Wienermobile was seen throughout Manhattan handing out free samples in August. If your company is making one of these products (or something equally unique), we’d
like to hear from you. Contact Northeast Dairy editor, Caroline K. Reff, at creff@northeastdairy

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